Unification day of Bulgaria


So this is my first posts on visitbulgariablog.wordpress.com, and its a few days later and I apologize for that.

Anyhow, so the 6th of September is a big day for Bulgaria. They celebrate the unification of Bulgaria and it´s a national day. In the Bulgarian language they call it Ден на Съединението. 

Syedinena_Bylgaria_-_Litografia_na_N.Pavlovich United Bulgaria, a lithography by N. Pavlovich (1835–1894)

A short background story about why this day is important and why the Bulgarians are celebrating it. Bulgaria had fall into the Ottoman Empire in 1396, and was a part of their empire for centuries. By the help from Russia they finally became a own state. But still the Bulgarian state was still divided into two parts. The south part of Bulgaria named Eastern Roumelia, and was still a part of the Ottoman Empire. Because of the terms of the Treaty of Berlin from 1878, had been separating…

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